Abbott Healthcare, Gujarat

The mandate of this awareness program is to give information and raise awareness among the construction workers on Tobacco and Oral Health, and Health and Hygiene. These sessions will emphasize on various issues related to Tobacco and its Harmful Effects, about various Tobacco Products, Its impact on individual and families, how can you quit Tobacco, and Practices of Health and Hygiene etc.

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Rani Village, Rajasthan (With CPAA & Brahmakumaris)

Workplace illness results in loss of productivity, more number of sick leaves among employees and results in reduced economic growth of a worksite.  Furthermore due to various addictions like Tobacco usage and smoking the risk of fires, accidents, smoke damage and higher maintenance costs and dirtier environment increase the liability of the workplace. Also many migrant population works as Blue Collar worker in various factories and worksites. These migrants’ workers are involved with high risk sexual activities and also with tobacco and alcohol habits. It is very much important to address these high risk groups and spread awareness about various illnesses caused due to habits and high risk activities.

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