As the development sector continues to do its best for bringing about social change in India, United Association for Public Health & Education (UAPHE) moves ahead to contribute their time, skills and energies to enhance the work being carried out in the field of Public Health & Education. Young people are the strength and asset of a nation, and it is in the age bracket of 18-35 years that an individual delivers its best. For UAPHE the members are young and enthusiastic who have contributed to programs that fitted their specialization or abilities best. Their contribution directly impacts the lives of many with whom they interact.

Our mission is directed towards bringing about positive social change. Through our advocacy and intervention programs we have influenced children, adolescents group, pregnant & lactating mothers, high risk groups, blue collar workers, corporate agencies and various communities within which we work. By consolidating activities and expanding our collaborations, we strive to add value our work.

UAPHE works in the areas of Public Health and Education with the following Projects:

1) Education

2) Health Camps

3) mMitra Project

4) Worksite Wellness Projects