Training of BMC Teachers

The mandate of this awareness program is to give information and raise awareness among the working staff on Tobacco and Oral Health. The session will emphasize on various issues related to Tobacco and its Harmful Effects, about various Tobacco Products, its impact on individual and families, how can you quit Tobacco, and Practices of quitting etc.

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Smile Goes Miles

Using the structures and systems already in place, a school is an efficient setting for the promotion of oral and general health. Promotion of health can trigger the installation of vital facilities such as safe water and sanitation. The key components of a Health Promoting Schools (HPS) are healthy school environment, school health education, school health services, nutrition and food services, physical exercise and leisure activities, mental health and well-being, health promotion for staff and community relationships and collaboration. Each area offers many opportunities for addressing health issues either as a specific project or as part general health promotion strategies. Hence UAPHE with its “Smile Goes Miles” initiative promotes healthy children healthy school initiative campaign to address the general and oral health program in various schools. This initiative began in Mumbai and is still continuing and has conducted sessions in Gujarat as well as Rajasthan.